Considerations 4/15/20

Edition #2

Hello friends!

Welcome to another edition of Considerations—a thoughtfully curated monthly newsletter focus on creative inputs for multi-disciplinaries.

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Here are some interesting things I’ve been considering recently:

1. Crossover Symmetry

I’ve been testing out crossover symmetry every day for 125 consecutive days. I’m not SWOL or look like the Rock, but I have noticed a visually significant improvement in my strength and physique.

Think of crossover symmetry (or “bow-flex” as Gabriella, my fiancé, likes to call it 😆) was designed to correct deficiencies and muscle imbalances to “functionally train movement patterns, not specific muscle groups.” Think of it like resistance bands had a baby with TRX, where you perform a series of pushes and pulls at various angles. They also have an additional Hip band that works yo core and booty.

I’m finding it as a great way to improve my posture and combat too much sitting / computer work, and to be a low-impact way to workout. If you are interested they currently have a sale going on. I started with the Athletic option but recently picked up the Elite bands. It’s a great way to work out while being stuck at home. And if you want to be able to bounce a dime off your butt, go for the CS Bundle.

topics: exercise, posture, physical therapy

2. Shape Up: Online Book by Basecamp

Shape Up: Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters

Basecamp is one of my favorite companies. They are, hands-down, one of the smartest and intentional group of thinkers in the world today. They recently(ish) put up a free online (or PDF) on product development best practices called Shape Up: Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters, written by Ryan Singer. I’m still working my way through it, but I can already say that I highly recommend it to anyone trying to build something, particularly if you are on a creative team.

Additionally, if you’ve suddenly have found yourself working from home recently, they also have a fantastic book on working from home: Remote: Office Not Required by Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson

topics: business, productivity, creativity, teamwork

3. The History of the Web

Resilient Web Design

Another fantastic free “WebBook” I’ve discovered recently. Resilient Web Design is a lovely and concise book about how and why the web was created by Jeremy Keith (@adactio) A must-read if you make anything on the internet. It’s also excellently written and will leave you wanting more.

topics: web design, history, thinking, writing

4. How Psychedelic Drugs May Revolutionize Mental Health Care

Psychedelic drugs may transform mental health care. And big business is ready to profit from the revolution. | Fortune

Excellent article from Fortune by Jeffery M. O’Brien on the brewing research on the benefits of psychedelics for PTSD, depression, and addiction in therapeutic settings.

topics: health & wellness, medical, business

5. Podcasting 101

Gimlet Academy Has Arrived! – Spotify for Podcasters

A fantastic five-episode series from Alex Blumberg, a titan of audio storytelling. If you are interested in starting a podcast or learning more about how to be a better storyteller, definitely give Gimlet Academy a listen. Shameless Plug: I recently rebooted my podcast, Renaissance Life. I’ve got some great interviews lined up, so be sure to subscribe to your podcast app of choice.

topics: podcasting, storytelling, marketing, shameless-plug

6. Learn Music Theory in Half an Hour

Andrew Huang has a great little primer on music theory on YouTube. The video is great, but Andrew’s personality and humor are even better.

topics: music, music theory

7. Care for a Game of Hnefatafl?

The Best Board Games of the Ancient World | Smithsonian Magazine

It’s nice to know that many cultures throughout history also had their unique board games to strategize, learn and pass the time with.

topics: fun, board games, history

8. Music Recommend: The Main Squeeze

My good friend and music partner n’ crime Damien (Hey D!) shared these guys with me. Their music lives somewhere in the middle of Rock, Blues and Funk genres. There two new singles Karma and Little Bit are killer. After that, check out the Without a Sound Album.

9. Person: Naval Ravikant

Naval (@naval) | Twitter

Naval is the co-founder and former CEO of AngelList. He has invested in 100+ companies, including Twitter and Uber. Naval is extremely insightful and thought-provoking. In my book, following him on Twitter and listening to his bite-sized podcast is essential listening.

Other Great Interviews with Naval:

Shameless Plugs:

The Renaissance Life Podcast: Interview with Alex Lavidge

Alex Lavidge — Entrepreneurship, Personal Branding and Investing in Yourself (#15) — Renaissance Life — OvercastApple Podcast

My friend Alex Lavidge (owner of Startup Champs) and I sat down early this year over mics and had a fun conversation. We discuss starting a business, running your life like a business, building a personal brand, validating ideas, getting healthy, books, tech and what it means to create a renaissance life.

If you have a moment to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review for the Renaissance Life on Apple Podcasts, it’s a great free way you can support the show and what I do.

Most Enjoyed Daily Blogs this month on Renaissance Life:

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