Considerations (3/4/20)

Edition #1

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Welcome to Considerations, a thoughtfully curated monthly newsletter highlighting observations, insights, recommends and curiosities around topics I love.

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Here are some interesting things I’ve been considering recently:

1. On Being a Multi-Hyphenate

Ryan Holiday: The Case for Being a Multi-Hyphenate

I’ve been slowly stewing (like a nice soup) on Ryan’s work for a while now.

Ever since Trust me I’m Lying and The Obstacle is the Way, Ryan has subtlety become one of my favorite authors without me noticing. The Case for Being a Multi-Hyphenate is a great article for any multidisciplinaries out there.

Topics: Mastery, Learning, Polymaths

2. Learning Synth

Ableton’s Learning Synth

Ableton created a fantastic introduction to how synth music works. If you are a beginner (like me), looking for a refresher or just a curious type, definitely play around with this. It will work on your phone or computer. Sidenote: The design and development of this tutorial they’ve put together is very impressive to boot.

Topics: Music, Science

3. Books make us better:

Penguin Random House: Books make us better

I don’t remember how I found this but boy I’m glad I did. If you love books, Penguin house and London Studio Anyways have created a fun interactive experience to exploring new books to buy or give as gifts. Another excellently crafted website too. And the animations are killer! 😱If you are curious about the work behind the scenes, follow it up with an article on the studio that created it.

Topics: Books, Design, Coding, Animation

4. Figma’s Design Lessons

Learn Design with Figma

Figma is one of the first pieces of software that I flipping LOVE. Like — is it possible to married to an inanimate-browser-based-application — kind of love. Every conversation I have I’ve found a way to annoying mention Figma. Anyway, they’ve created a nice introduction to design pilot that’s worth checking out. Even if you already are a master of design, it’s a great overview and hands-on of the fundamentals.

Topics: Design, Coding, Storytelling, Entertainment

5. The Man Who Made Adidas Cool Again

Buzz Feed News: The Man Who Made Adidas Cool Again
Business Insider: Adidas Unusual Approach to Designing Products is Paying Off

Have you noticed how stylish Adidas shoes (and clothing) looks lately? They are oozing classy and modern. That got me wondering about who was behind their resurgence. So I went to the ol’ google box and found these two interesting articles about Paul Gaudio.

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Fashion/Style, Product Design

6. The Drive: A Podcast I Can’t Stop Listening To | The Drive on Overcast | The Drive on Apple Podcasts | The Drive on Spotify

I love The Drive more than I like my podcast. 🙈 I listen to quite a few podcasts, but not so much lately. It’s because all of my podcast listening time has been sucked up by Peter Attia’s Drive. Peter and his guests are super sharp and most of the time what they are talking about is waaaaay over my head, but I kinda love it for that. Even if you aren’t into medicine or health & wellness, I’d recommend listening to The Drive just to surround yourself with great thinking.

Topics: Podcasts, Health, Medicine, Longevity

7. Sauna Deep Dive:

Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s Research on the Benefits of Saunas

This is an action-packed article (to put it mildly) on the benefits and research around saunas. I’ve been going to the sauna every week for the past two years now. My interest stems from my chronic neck/nerve pain issue. Although it hasn’t healed me, sauna’s have been a lifesaver for reducing pain (aka it takes the edge off).

Topics: Health + Wellness, Research, Pain


“You’ve gotta find a way to get out of your own way, so you can progress in life.”

Steve Carlton, American professional baseball player

Album I’m Digging: Love, Death & Dancing

Jack Garratt: Love, Death & Dancing: Spotify | Apple Music | Youtube

Jack Garratt has such a unique sound. Love, Death & Dancing (Vol. 1) is technically a single — which used to mean ah song, but nowadays singles can be multiple songs. Mara and Time are my favorite. This album has electronic raw gospel singer-songwriter vibes. Follow it up with Weathered from his Phase Album.

The full album will be out sometime by the end of May 2020.

Artist I’m Cry-Laughing to: Hannah Hillam

Insta: @hannahhillam

Hannah’s comics hit my funny bone almost every time. I’m not a cat person (because I’m allergic to them) but her cat humor is exactly how I imagine it is living with cats.

Shameless Plugs:

The Renaissance Life Podcast: Interview with Justin Butts (@Mute0n)

I recently had a great conversation with Justin Butts (over mics). We talked about Art, Running, Books (always) and what it means to be a working artist. Listen to it here.

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